HEC Policy for MS/M.MPhil level programs

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan outlines guidelines for admission, coursework, and degree completion in MS/MPhil level programs. Candidates must meet academic qualifications, undergo a rigorous admission test, and fulfill coursework requirements. The degree completion timeline ranges from 1.5 to 4 years, with provisions for extensions under specific circumstances. Policies for credits transfer, evaluation, and grading adhere to HEC’s guidelines.

Requirements for Admission to MS/MPhil Level Program

Academic Qualifications

You need to have completed 16 years of education or a 4-year program (with at least 120 credit hours) after HSSC/F.A./F.Sc/Grade 12 or an equivalent qualification to apply for the MPhil/MS/Equivalent program.

Admission Test

The university has two options for the admission test:

  1. The university will organize a challenging admission test, and you need to score at least 50% to be eligible.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit scores from GRE/HAT General/Equivalent tests, with a passing score of 50%.

Intradisciplinary Qualifications

If you want to apply for a different discipline, this may be allowed under the following conditions:

  1. The university’s policy permits it.
  2. You have a strong interest in pursuing an MS/MPhil/equivalent degree in the new discipline.
  3. You have passed the GRE-Subject/equivalent test with a minimum of 50% marks in the discipline of admission and have taken 6-9 credit hours of deficiency courses at level 6.
  4. The admission committee is convinced that your knowledge in the primary area (level 6) is sufficient for the MS/MPhil/equivalent program. If needed, you might take a few additional courses during the program.

Requirements for the award of MS/M.Phil Level Program Degree

To earn an MPhil/MS or equivalent degree, candidates must comply with the following requirements:

Coursework Requirement

  1. Complete 30 credit hours of coursework.
  2. Complete 24 credit hours of coursework and a minimum of six (6) credit hours for research work/thesis.
  3. If the degree includes research work, the university will establish a policy for thesis defense and evaluation through its statutory bodies.

Degree Completion Timeline

  1. The MS/MPhil degree will be awarded by the universities after the completion of 1.5 years or three (03) regular semesters, and not later than four (04) years or eight (08) regular semesters, except for specific circumstances mentioned in clause 2.3(ii).
  2. If a student faces challenges in completing the degree within the specified timeline and seeks an extension, the university may form an appropriate authority to assess the reasons for the delay. In cases of force majeure or circumstances beyond the student’s control, the university may grant an extension based on limiting factors, addressing delays caused by administrative reasons.

Credits Transfer, Evaluation, and Grading

  1. Credit transfer of coursework between universities/DAIs/HEIs and the evaluation of students’ academic performance, including formative and summative assessments, will follow HEC’s Policy Guidelines for the implementation of the Uniform Semester Examination System in Higher Education Institutes of Pakistan.
  2. Transfer of research work is allowed, contingent upon the host university accepting the research conducted at the parent university before the credit transfer.

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